A perfect Recipe To make portobello pizzas

Without the outer layer, it even looks like a white button. These are Portobello or portabella. The name means beautiful door in Italian.

you can also add some mushrooms on portobello pizzas with use of online mushroom site such as:-https://www.nupepshrooms.com/ .

  • No one’s really sure where it came from. Some people say it was a marketing gimmick that came about in
  • The ‘s, to make it sell better, because it wasn’t as popular as its smaller siblings.
  • And it worked. Nowadays, these are incredibly popular.
  • Compared to the crimini, these gills are much longer and very well-defined. You always wanna check the gills on mushrooms like .
  • This, to make sure that they’re not holding any dirt, or particles of sand, or twigs in between, because .
  • That can really get caught in there. Because of this shape and size.

They’re great to use as buns, as a bread replacement, or you can do what I’m about to do and make mini pizzas.

So we’re gonna make some mini portobello pizzas, using the mushroom cap instead of a pizza crust. So, first thing we’re going to do is just pop off the stem here.

We’re just gonna scrape these out, using a spoon.

It’s like a drum. Instead of washing these in the sink, we’re just gonna wipe them off with a damp cloth, just to remove any dirt that might be on the outside of the cap.

  • Now we’re ready to cook. So we’re just gonna start with a little bit of oil, and we’re gonna sear the mushroom gills side down first.
  • We’re gonna let it soften, and as it cooks, then we’ll start pressing on the mushroom to press out any of the excess moisture.

As it loses water, it’ll start to shrink a little bit. And this you definitely want to do on high heat, because you want the moisture to evaporate as soon as it comes out of the mushroom. It’s kind of like searing a piece of meat.