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I  can’t remember the genius name but pinna cola ,because it’s growing on time yeah that’s Buy magic mushrooms online .

The same thing oh is it so was that similar to what this photo is that had one small one and then it had  i don’t .

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Magic Mushrooms Online
Magic Mushrooms Online

Think so this is see when these are nice   and dry this is this is like almost hairy on top  um and this is you know when it’s young and fresh   and see how it comes Buy magic mushrooms online

down to stem like that so  that’s called a little bit de current and um   when they have really huge uh girls like this and  they go down to stem i think it

  • Might be be called   planta Gallus so if anybody knows anything  about architecture a plinth is like a support   so um i think it might be plenty Gallus  if
  • the gills were a little tighter   it would be lignite’s which is meaning it’s going  to probably digest and break down How Do I Get Weed
  • lignin and   there’s a couple of different ones and this  might be the other third one i’m not sure but they’re fun they’re they’re not edible

 They’ll burn your tongue what are you doing   with all of these things what are you going to do  with all of these oh give them to anybody wanting to throw them away

you know some  people like to draw i don’t know  I thought mushrooms grew better when it was a  wet year do they they like moisture generally yes   in my garden a lot of things coming  out of the wood chips check out these  

little uh yellow cup funguses oh yeah and  then right here these are all with old uh   wolf slime they had pink pink sculpt slime  before now it’s kind of purpley for sport print  

but when they’re really fresh they’ll squirt  out pink all over the place oh look at this   down there that is oh yeah that’s that that’s that  and then you’ve got

a lactarius right here with a   little nipple on top wow the poi they’re poison  right when they’re i don’t think they’re good   yeah oh wow not good but they are uh and 

they’re not even oyster lashes they’re called um panus serotinus and uh they get to be you know  big and they get to be green and i don’t know  

maybe some people eat it but i don’t if you  know where there’s a nice fast moving stream   with a lot of hemlock along you might find  matcha tacos oh really