How to care oyster mushroom

Humidification of bags occurs once in 24 hours, the basement must be constantly ventilated, because in the process of life mushrooms produce Microdosing shrooms.

A lot of carbon dioxide, which is not good for Buy Psychedelics Canada them and for humans. The first week of development in the room light is not needed, then you can turn it on, so you can get a bigger harvest.

In 10 days after the beginning, you will be able to observe the first cycle of fruit production. Once the gray mushrooms turn white, it means that they are ready to be harvested and ripe.

After 21 days you can re-harvest oyster mushrooms,

But it will not be as abundant and rich as the first.

  • You can get a little less than 5 kilograms of oyster mushrooms from 10 kilograms of substrate, it is not difficult to calculate .
  • The size of the future harvest. After harvesting, it is necessary to disinfect the premises and bring new bags of mycelium.
  • Temperature regime for growing oyster mushrooms These mushrooms are very useful and do not harm your health, you can safely eat mushrooms grown at.
  • Home without fear that it may be just a clone of edible mushrooms. They are also rich in vitamins and nutrients, their composition is probably the most valuable of all fungi for the human body.

Oyster mushrooms are fried, soared, canned and made on the basis of menus at parties, so there should be no problems with the realization of the harvest.