last 10 years development of mushroom industry

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The mushroom industry has developed further in the last 10 years.

  • Although edible mushrooms, which are evaluated in the vegetable group in herbal production, have been known since ancient times, it is known.
  • That they were first cultivated as a culture plant in the 16th century. The mushroom sector, which started production in our country in the 1960s and has made significant progress in the last 10 years, continues to grow with government support.
  • We met with , General Manager of Herbal Production, to get information about mushroom production, consumption and trade.
  • Mushroom production was initially; It was built in quarries and caves under primitive conditions, and later in cool and humid places such as greenhouses, barns, empty warehouses, basements.

In recent years, it has started to be produced in modern facilities, and in many countries it has become an industry branch rather than an agriculture branch To Buy shrooms Canada.

  • Mushroom production activities were first started in our country in the 1960s. Especially in the last 10 years, there have been significant developments in this sector.
  • Especially in the Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean Regions, the year-round mushroom production rate is higher than in other regions.
  • Since mushroom production is carried out indoors, it is also carried out in regions with continental climate.

In our country, culture mushroom cultivation, whose production has increased rapidly due to the increase in consumer awareness in recent years, has an important place in terms of human health and nutrition.

If we talk about mushroom production around the world; According to the 2017 figures of FAO, it was 10 million 242 thousand tons in an area of ​​27 thousand hectares.

Major producer countries are respectively; China with 7.8 million tons of production, USA with 421 thousand tons, Poland with 303 thousand tons of production.

Again, according to FAO’s 2016 figures, the important countries in export are; Poland with 237 thousand tons, Netherlands with 62 thousand tons and China with 59 thousand tons. Our country ranks 42nd in world mushroom exports with 517 tons. In mushroom production in our country, with an average of 40 thousand tons.