Why Economics the Freedom is Scarier than Clowns


level where you are not one of the best you are the best you know what’s amazing you only have to be two millions more than everybody else and you get everything you get the joy.

The last day the fun in the family the passion the economics the freedom of spirit it’s all .

Economics Freedom

There what Jerry Maguire called the Quan baby all of it and it’s just to Milanese above and most excellent people give up because they’re exhausted and.

  • There’s some people go the harder I hit it the more I hit it sooner or later it’s going down I’m not stopping and when you do that enough it pops up.
  • I worked to my life in high school there was Stuart’s cleaners after school would go there I would put the drape on the hanger the sleeve on the hanger and the janitor of
  • A the cleaners clean everything up I worked for a dollar in a quarter an hour the only reason was a dollar and .
  • a quarter in hours because the steward had to pay that it was required by law or he’d be giving me  cents an.

Hour he was a very tight very tight wad guy so I’d come in one day after school and he says to me to go to work he says Johnny come here want to talk to us okay Dodger story says Johnny I was upstairs yesterday and I napped after I finished

Working I was tired and I dropped my watch on the floor I put on the tape went on the floor and went down I picked it up and.

I noticed under the cot I was lying on there was no dust I moved the cot there was no dust I looked behind the filing cabinets there was no dust or whatsoever zero dust you really are a great janitor I said it’s my job to do what I do

When I do it not when someone else is looking tie this guy in the world gave me a  cent raise two dollar fifty where I went to high school I was I paid kid and maybe a dolt in the neighborhood we didn’t have a lot of money in those days

What it was was if people if humans can imagine doing what you have to do when nobody is watching you your doings if someone is right there watching you and in your free time you’re not trying to elongate something you’re doing what you should do without people watching you do it well first of all I’d say I actually think I feel feel fair quite

Strongly so it’s not as though I just have the absence of fear I’ve I feel it quite strongly but there were times when something is important enough you believe it