Why You Should Forget Everything They Said To You About Mushrooms

Mushrooms are one of the reasons why we like autumn : delicate and fragrant, they can give the kitchen a special touch , becoming the protagonists of true gourmet dishes ! Are you sure you really know them thoroughly? Here are 5 myths about mushrooms to dispel !


1 – Mushrooms Make You Fat :

If you eat tons of them and eat them fried , don’t blame them. Mushrooms are not fattening : they contain on average just 20 calories per 100 grams . The truth? Not only are they not fattening, but they are highly recommended for dieters. Always keep in mind that you can eat them raw (preferably just blanched), grilled or in simple preparations that do not require frying: even a risotto is a good (and healthy) idea!

2 – If You Want To Check The Ones You Have Collected, The Grandfather Is Not The Right Interlocutor :

If you have just found many beautiful mushrooms on a walk in the woods, no matter how prepared it may be, Grandpa is not the best person to ask for advice . To avoid the danger of poisoning , it is better to bring the fruit of your harvest to the ASL , where the staff has all the necessary tools to check. And if your grandfather works at the ASL, then don’t take this observation into account!


3 – When I Pick A Boletus, I Taste It Immediately On The Spot!

See point 2 . And thoroughly review our guide on how to clean and store mushrooms . Ideal consumption includes cooking , or at least a very short passage in boiling water. In this way the mushrooms will be more digestible and safer .

4 – Grilled Is Not Good At All :

False, indeed very false. Grilling mushrooms, in particular those characterized by firm and abundant pulp, is a good way to appreciate their characteristics and to make the more delicate and light ones acquire flavor. So, approved cooking method ! If you don’t feel like cooking them, try our grilled mushrooms . In one word: very good !

5 – Not All Fungi That Grow On Trees Are Toxic :

Even if your cousin swore and perjured that he tasted them, and even if you saw any wild animals eating them, all mushrooms that grow on trees are toxic . Don’t pick them up and don’t eat them. If you are really curious to do it, he tries to think of a nice plate of Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms . For sure you won’t regret the ones seen on the bark!

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